And the week rolls on.

Today was the endocrinologist’s appointment and a spot of not as bad news. My A1C is 5.6, we are not changing my meds, my left kidney seems to be functioning well. A small spot of good is really nice amongst all the bad. Tomorrow is my urologist appointment and Friday is back to primary care […]

My Mascot

Hello Kidney is my new mascot. If I have to deal with all of this, I will do it with humor, damnit. I have a bag packed, Tony has a bag packed, and they are in the car. I didn’t get the sewing done I wanted to but, I’m hoping they’ll let me come home […]

And the drugged ramble rolls on…

It has been a rough week would be a huge understatement. From having to go to the ER in the first place, then being transferred to another hospital by ambulance (For locals from Mary Washington to MCV, yes, down 95, my back is still in shambles from the bumps.) Then, get to the hospital find […]

Holding pattern…

Ok, we wait. I go to the nephrologist on the 16th, for now we wait and I take the massive antibiotics to clear the cellulitis so they can do the biopsy and probable surgery. Yes, probable as the chance of keeping my right kidney is tiny. Hopefully it will be nothing major in there but, […]

Well shit…

I’m posting this really quickly as I’ve typed it out a few times now but, this is the best way I know to get a hold of a lot of y’all. I was in the hospital the past couple days with a cellulitis infection of the stomach, and bleeding from my belly button. The cellulitis […]