Fried Chicken

February 4th, 2008

Fried Chicken

1. Soak the chicken pieces in milk or buttermilk, it gives a better flavor.

2. Dry the pieces off, and cut any excess skin.

3. Season your flour. I vary it a bit depending on who all is going to be eating it. But, the basic ones are:

Pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, chipotle powder, cayenne, majoram and rosemary. And that is a lot of each, you are flavoring the crust with this.
Here should be a picture of the milk and egg mixture that you use to actually coat the chicken but, oops.

4. Beat a few eggs, fairly well, add some milk, mix well. Set beside your flour container.

5. Take a piece of chicken, flour it, tap off most of the flour, then put it in the milk/egg mixture, then back into the flour. Yes, you have to flour it prior to wetting it or you are more likely to lose some, if not all, of your coating.

6. Fry. Ok, I use cast iron, obviously. I have a 10 and 12 inch fry pan, and when I’m making massive batches, as I was this day, I use both.

Heat your oil prior while you are prepping the flour, and flouring the first few pieces.

Oil choice is yours, I use canola but, a lot of people claim that shortening is still the best thing to fry it in. I am not sure of oil temperatures, as I just have a feel for it. I’m guessing it is around 360 or so when they hit the pan.

Fry on one side for 11-12 minutes. yes, I’m serious, that is approximate. If the temperature is correct, when the crust is good and brown on the bottom, it is ready to turn.

7. Once the chicken is on the second side, if the temperature seems to drop (you can tell by the sound of it frying) too much, turn the heat up just a wee bit.

Now, once again about 11-12 minutes or so.

(that Canadian Mist bottle is not mine, I’m a Vodka gal.)

8. While you can’t actually read it, take the chickens temperature, making sure to not hit the bone. Normally, when you cook chicken 180 is plenty, for fried chicken you want the meat a little firmer so 185 or 190 is the time to pull it.

9. Drain. I do not have any fancy draining racks, I drain on paper towels or a cooling rack. Wit this amount of chicken I do not have enough cooling rack room.

Serve. This series of pictures is actually from back in the summer, one night when I made a big old dinner for the family. I wanted leftovers so I made more than enough chicken. The rest is mashed potatoes, cream gravy, mac and cheese, veggie plate, watermelon, and brownies. All made by my two hands. I’ll have to show how to make my cream gravy one day as man it is good.

Any questions?