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Fifth Anniversary

Friday, March 25th, 2005

Today, this journal is five years old. And, I still blame Dr. Scott and Mo. Normally, I look back on the past five years, instead I want to look forward:

Five years from now:

I want to be back in school, or have been back for a couple of years. I want a degree, not just a certification.

I want to be working on adopting a child, probably from overseas.

I want a small house all my own.

I’ll be on the verge of 35, instead of 30.

I want to have traveled more.

I want to spend time with my family but, not all my time.

I hope to have met more friends that I know only by words on a screen.

My hair will be past my waist, as I’m growing it until it refuses to grow any longer.

I will have more tattoos and piercings.

I will have fewer doubts about everything.

I will still be here, writing, sporadically at times, nonstop at others. Haunting the internet as only I can.

Thanks for spending the last five years of my life with me, I hope you all spend the next five, as well.

Suzy Smith

P.S. The new design? Like, hate? Need adjustments? Let me know in the comments.

New Design

Friday, March 25th, 2005

Yes, this is the anniversary redesign, but I do not have time to update right now. I will later today though, so until then pretend this design isn’t up, yet.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

I am so not Irish, but still St. Patrick’s Day makes me smile. Green beer, green clothes, and leprechauns, why shouldn’t you smile? I remember back in oh, ninth grade or so, that I dressed as a leprechaun one year.

Yes, a leprechaun. I wore all green, odd, turned up shoes, the hat, and carried around a pot of gold. I’ve never denied that I was weird. In fact, I think that cemented the fact in everyone else’s mind. If I could dress up for something I did. Halloween, every year, I dressed up. Even when I was the only one in the entire school. Which I was a couple of years.

The leprechaun though, topped everything else and somewhere there are pictures of it. I know of at least 2 people who took pictures and promised black mail someday. Here, 15 years later, they have never resurfaced. Let’s hope they stay that way.


The other night, a friend and I were chatting on KoL about music. Now, we’re only 5 or so years apart in age, but the difference in musical tastes is amazing. Think about it, most of our musical tastes are formed in high school. For me that was hair bands, Nirvana, NIN, RHCP, things like that. Then you take someone a few years younger, and you get Slipknot and bands like that.

We agreed on quite a bit, until he started dissing on KISS. Now, I know Kiss’ music is not earth shattering, hell, musically, it is pretty bland, but I have a undying love for the kitsch, the makeup, the legends of KISS. I’ve listened to them since I was a tiny little girl and will just never let them go, completely.

But, my friend (let’s call him Stewart) Hates Kiss. I mean with a passion. With a great big capital H. I’m saddened. How can you not at least like some of their music? Especially when you confess you like Def Leppard? In a death match of Kiss vs. Def Leppard. Kiss wins hands down and not just because they all have both arms (Oh, hush, I know it’s insensitive, tell me I’m the only one thinking that?)

I will admit to some fun teenage memories of drinking heavily and dancing, in public, to “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” But, I will also admit to dancing, on the boardwalk, while sober to DiVinyls’ “I Touch Myself.” Hell, I’ve sang that at karaoke before and lived through it. As I was saying though, Def Leppard vs. Kiss? Kiss wins hands down. All 8 of them.


My sister, Mary, finally read this site a couple weeks ago. She joined the notify list (and if you haven’t get to cracking) and has started her own blog (yes, this is a journal, damnit, not a blog, even if I use blogger.) I do not have a url, yet. But, I will harass her until I do. Another one to the darkside, baby.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day and drink one for me.


Friday, March 11th, 2005

Last weekend was the fourth annual Colonial Beach Classic Dart tournament here at the Moose Lodge. Daddy is in charge of it, hell, the founder of it, and the entire family is at the Lodge for the weekend.

Now, everyone except Tony and I shoot darts, so they are here and there, shooting. We bartend. All weekend, as in from morning to late night. It is good money for the weekend, so well worth the time. The only problem is how small the bar area is. On Friday night, Mary, Tony and I were back there and it is just crowded. And poor Mary had on brand new shoes. Yeah, ouch.

Friday night was busy as hell. We got over there at 4:30 or so, and people were already piling in. Even though nothing started until 7:00. Now, dart shooters are drinkers. Big time drinkers. And we had more than 130 people in there. Beer and beer, mixed drinks to beat the band. It’s amazing how much alcohol we go through in one weekend of a tournament. I know I’m still recovering from it as I’m sure Tony and everyone else is.

Saturday morning always starts extremely early. We went to bed around 4 AM and were back to the Lodge by a few minutes after 7. Before we had even gotten our cash drawers, people were ordering beer, y’all. Just after 7AM and beer.

The onslaught continued until after midnight when we shut down the bar, restocked and staggered home. Sunday was more of the same, only we got to see the nephews. And, boy did Tre put on a show.

Now, I’ve told y’all about Tre’s incessant dancing. Well, his Papa played his favorite song Big and Rich’s “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” and he danced.

On the table, y’all. Look, I have proof:

My Mom is on the left in orange. She had Gastric Bypass Surgery in December and has lost about 70 pounds so far, Tre’s Mom, Lori, is on the right.

I told y’all he table dances and bounces and giggles. Tre dances to the beat of his own drummer, the drummer just happens to be on crack.

And just for the Moose people, Tre table dancing, with a moose hat on.

Have a great day.

Suzy Smith

I am back…

Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

After a horrendous start to 2005 I am back and feeling much better. Although, I am a wee bit pissed off that searching for Suzy Smith on google puts me at number 2 now. A purse manufacturer is number 1. Oh, I can not have that, so I need your help. If you have a site and feel so inclined, please link Suzy Smith back to here. I refuse to give up this bit of e-penis without a fight.

Of course, it would help if I updated regularly. The goal is now 3 entries a week starting today. If I don’t get 3 in, feel free to hit me with a stick, okay, maybe not, but you can berate me by email. I’ve become entirely too lax in my updating, as it is odd to bring out all that is going on in my head, knowing that a lot of people, locally, are reading.

Those of you on the notify list know that I’ve had a rough few months. Mentally, I went through a lot of things that haven’t been discussed on here. I wasn’t ready to lay all of that out for the world.

Yesterday, my mind was racing around, thinking about everything that has happened in the past five years. I went back through entries that aren’t even available here, now and was just astounded by the things that I had forgotten about, but had written about.

I want to keep that kind of history going, especially as I’m approaching (approaching, hell, it is barreling at me) the start of a new decade of my life. On April 21, I’ll be 30. Let me, type that again, 30. How in the hell am I turning 30 already? Didn’t I just graduate like a week ago? Shouldn’t I still be like 25 at the most?

Except, I started this right before I turned 25 and well on the 25th this site will be five. Good grief.

I have the new year’s redesign in the works, when I’m not spending every moment on Kingdom Of Loathing. Or working on my clan website. Or holding my older or new nephew.

It’s a busy life, I’m glad y’all are part of it, and I’m extremely happy to be back.