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Fifth Anniversary

Friday, March 25th, 2005

Today, this journal is five years old. And, I still blame Dr. Scott and Mo. Normally, I look back on the past five years, instead I want to look forward:

Five years from now:

I want to be back in school, or have been back for a couple of years. I want a degree, not just a certification.

I want to be working on adopting a child, probably from overseas.

I want a small house all my own.

I’ll be on the verge of 35, instead of 30.

I want to have traveled more.

I want to spend time with my family but, not all my time.

I hope to have met more friends that I know only by words on a screen.

My hair will be past my waist, as I’m growing it until it refuses to grow any longer.

I will have more tattoos and piercings.

I will have fewer doubts about everything.

I will still be here, writing, sporadically at times, nonstop at others. Haunting the internet as only I can.

Thanks for spending the last five years of my life with me, I hope you all spend the next five, as well.

Suzy Smith

P.S. The new design? Like, hate? Need adjustments? Let me know in the comments.

New Design

Friday, March 25th, 2005

Yes, this is the anniversary redesign, but I do not have time to update right now. I will later today though, so until then pretend this design isn’t up, yet.