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Thirty on my 30th.

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Since today, April 21st, 2005 is my 30th birthday, I decided to write a list. 30 things about me.

30 good things about the past 10 years:

1. I met my husband.
2. I was published for the first time.
3. I started an online journal that has lasted five years.
4. I learned to drive decently.
5. I made lots of friends from all over the world.
6. Kyrstin was born.
7. Tre was born.
8. Charlie was born.
9. I become of another family through my husband.
10. I joined the Women of the Moose.
11. I grew my hair out long.
12. I learned to accept being fat.
13. I watched my friends have children.
14. My closest friends remained my friends.
15. I learned to cook.
16. I learned basic html.
17. I found the internet.
18. I solidified my thoughts on a lot of issues.
19. I stuck to them.
20. I voted in every election I could vote in.
21. I worked on many elections.
22. I found 3WA.
23. I found TUS.
24. My religious and spirituality became more intertwined into something worthwhile.
25. I was tested on many things and stood my ground.
26. I quit fighting my hair and learned to love the wild frizz.
27. I learned how to drink like an adult.
28. I still have fun in life with things that many call immature, only now I don’t care what people think about it.
29. I became disabled and learned to accept it. And, yes it is a good thing as it is part of me.
30. I became me.