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Brain dump

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Why, hello there. Yes, I’m alive. Boy have I missed writing here. As I stated in August there are still many things I can’t discuss but, well, now you get the rest of the stuff again.

So, October. October 26th as a matter of fact. Today is my parent’s 31st wedding anniversary. My in-laws’ was Sunday, and that was 35 years. Monday was seven.

Years, so many years there. 30+years with one person is just astounding to me. Hell, it’s amazing in this day and age to see a couple married that many years, rather yet two couples.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. And Mom-in-law and Dad-in-law.

Speaking of weddings, my little sister, Mary got married on October 1st. I have pictures, eventually but, I want to clear them with her before I post them. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception wonderful, good food, good music, way too much booze. The picture to the above left is our Granny and Kyrsie, who was the flowergirl. Aren’t they both beautiful?


So disjointed here but, I want to give y’all a snapshot of what has been going on with me, before I dive back into this.

I’m still taking care of the nephews: Tre and Charlie. Tre is now 2, Charlie is 8 months. I’m tired a lot, as they run me ragged.

I have Kyrsie in the afternoons, when she gets out of school. Again, another reason I’m so tired.

I’m working on the novel in bits and spurts. Right now the focus is working on backstory and fitting it all together.

Tony finishes school in December!

I’m going back to school next September if things go right.

My addiction to Kingdom of Loathing knows no bounds, although it is down right now.

My best friends just moved into their brand new house and I’m so excited for them.

(this is for Tracey) I never hear from Tracey anymore. I’m going to have to beat her, badly.

38 hours, bartending, in one weekend, at a dart tournament? Insanity and we did it again this year.

The past few months have been busy as hell. I’m sleeping so little, that I can fall asleep sitting up, with no problem, now.

This weekend or next, I’m going camping. In the cold. I can not wait.

Speaking of the cold 1.5 weeks ago? Whining about it being too warm for fall. Now, freezing my toes off.

I follow politics quite a bit. This fall has been one of the most depressing times for me (well, other than Bush’s reelection.) The stupidity of our political leaders, on both a state and national level, is making me insane.

When I spend more time hollering at the news [then digesting it], whether it is the television, the newspaper, or webnews, it is time to step back. I have given up most of my political debating, in the vast majority of forums, as I want to scream at people. That isn’t healthy for me or anyone else.


I have a sockmonkey dressed as a witch staring down at me. Whenever I look at it, I smile. Nothing is better than a monkey, no matter what form they take.


Apple Cider candles from Target? Smell so incredible that you will want to eat them. I wouldn’t recommend actually doing that, but still.


My toe nails are burgundy with silver sparkles. I’m 30 and still can not give up my glitter. It seems I will never grow up.


My hip hurts. Right now, it feels like I’m being stabbed. I am ready for this to stop.


I’ve missed you all. I’m starting to really read journals again, even though I keep losing links to people who have moved around.

I miss my readers. I miss writing. And, I think that this braindump should drag me back into it regularly.