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Well, fuck me running. I just went to the front page of my site and noticed something, the posts I’ve been making?

Aren’t there.

4 posts that should be between March 1 and now are gone. They aren’t published, they aren’t saved, and I know I wrote them.

I even begged for someone to help me redesign for the 6th anniversary of this journal (as I have no graphical editing program right now.) The 25th marks 6 years, I’ve been in a writing mood and nothing is there.

I’ll be damned.

Since those posts are gone, well, a couple things I wrote about (and need to rewrite when I’m awake):

My sister, Mary, is due any time now with a little boy. I sit here, waiting for the phone to ring and nothing. Come on, little guy, your aunt (and I’m sure your Mom) are ready to see you.

Wait, Mom? My sister is going to be a Mom. Holy shit. I mean, I know she’s going to be a Mom, the whole belly full of baby shows that but, that really clinches it, writing it out, just makes it more real.

Dart Tournament – Bartended again the first weekend of March. I’m still recovering. We had less people than normal but, still a good crowd, I have pictures, sitting here, but again, no graphical editing program and no one wants a gigantic ass picture like that.

The Move -Settling in continues, my bedroom is getting closer to how I want it. I have most of my pictures of the kids up. As for the babies? I miss them so much my heart just aches. They all need to be here with me and just stay forever.

Other than that, again, begging, if anyone out there would like to help me redesign this site, I would be entirely grateful and even send a mix CD or cookies or just you, know love.

Contact me at suzysmith AT gmaildotcom if you are willing.

More later (this better post)