Daily Archives: July 29, 2006

The wailing and the gnashing and damn, my stomach hurts

So, the site was down for a couple weeks. And, in that time I got my results back. The notify list got the update but, not y’all. (if you want to join the notify list, for now, email me. I can not figure out how to get it to work with this damn template. I need to redesign this site, as I am sick of it.)

It’s not cancer! Yay! It is hyperplasia, which I was diagnosed with several years back but, I didn’t get treated for it, as that’s when Tony’s company went poof, as did the health insurance, and everything else.

I’m now on Medoxyprogesterone for the hyperplasia. Which, is making me sick as hell. I’m sitting here, not moving anything other than my fingers and the nausea is overpowering. I’m supposed to be going to see my parents and the boys today but, right now the thought of being in a moving vehicle for more than an hour, one way, is terrifying.

Now, the wait is on, 3 months on the medoxyprogesterone, then an endometrial biopsy to a) see if the hyperplasia goes away or b) what type of hyperplasia it is. I had an endometrial biopsy back when I first was diagnosed with hyperplasia and, my god, it fucking hurt. I ended up crying during the procedure, it hurt so bad. I’ll make it through it, I’ll just be a wreck leading up to it.

Oh, somedays, I wish to be a man. At least the majority of their stuff is on the outside.

That should end the vagina/uterus entries for a bit. I’m sorry I’ve been so focused on that but, really, what else could my mind think on?