There are eight billion different ways to eat when you have diabetes. I’m finding this out as I research how to keep my blood sugar levels in control. Since, I have been officially diabetic for less than a week my head is just swimming. The vast majority of information I knew about how to eat […]

I am so tired. My recovery this time seems to be taking much more of a toll on me. I spent most of Christmas day asleep. And, I would be again, right now if it wasn’t so early. I didn’t even mention what I found out Thursday at my doctor’s appointment. I am now officially […]

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa, I know I’m supposed to have given up on my believe in you 20 or more years ago but, some years you just need to hang onto the belief to get you to the next one. This has been one of those years and it wants to continue that way until the bitter […]

And then it was black.

I wasn’t joking when I said they almost killed me yesterday. The surgery went wonderfully. It was quick, easy, in and out, back to recovery, tell the husband she’s okay, and done. Afterwards wasn’t so easy. Now, I woke up in bad pain, again (which I was expecting but, it still sucks to wake up […]


I’m home from the hospital. The surgery itself went fine, although afterward they tried to kill me. I’m in pain, tired, and just worn out. I’ll have a full entry about what happened tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for the emails and thoughts. Merry Christmas Eve Eve.