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St. Baldrick’s Event – I need your help.

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

My first post of 2007 and I’m begging. But, I’m begging for a good cause. On March the 24th at Colonial Beach Moose Family Center, I’ll be either cutting my hair short, crewcut or bald.

Right now my hair is extremely long. It hangs past my bra strap and with my hair being as curly as it is, it’s even longer than that.

But, it has to go. St Baldrick’s is a charity that raises money for children’s cancer research.

Now, here’s where you all come in. The decision on what my head looks like on March 25th is up to you. If I raise 500 dollars, it’s a short woman’s cut. 750 dollars, crewcut. If donations in my name reach 1000 dollars I will shave my head bald.

And, I’ll share pictures with you all. You can donate in my name right here. (NOTE LINK HAS CHANGED)Every little bit helps. If you can’t donate online, you can mail donations in, just be sure to reference Suzy Smith -Bald Moose so it is credited appropriately. Another way you can help is by spreading this link. I wanted to have some cute graphics for this but, well, I suck at graphics, so text links are perfect.

Please, pass this on, donate, or look into doing St Baldrick’s yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Suzy Smith- soon to be bald, hopefully.