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So, I’m bald

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Yes, I went through with it, I am bald as a peach. I raised a total of 335 dollars but, they are still accepting donations.

A couple pictures and I’ll write more later tonight.

Thanks for coming back.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

I know it has been forever since I posted. I had entirely too many things going on that I can not share since they are not my stories to share and when your brain gets wrapped up like that it is impossible to let it go and write about other things.

But, I’m back, and full of a million different things I do want to say. First, to the few that have donated to St. Baldrick’s on my behalf, thank you. I’m up to 200 dollars in total donations, and I will be shaving my head on the 24th of this month. Thanks to Robyn and Nance for their links. There will be pictures of it, when I can bare to post them.

There is still time to donate if you can. Even a dollar or two, any amount, as I really feel bad that I’m cutting over 10 years of hair growth for 200 dollars. Although I keep convincing myself that even 200 dollars is help in the fight to cure childhood cancers.


The weather today is just amazing, 75 degrees, sunny, bright, a soft breeze, now and then, it’s enough to make a person like spring. If it wasn’t for the allergies and pollen and knowing the heat and humidity of summer soon follow. There is one thing that makes me willing to deal with it though; Charlie and Tre are outside with their Daddy, running around and playing catch, their giggles floating across the yard and through the open windows. The happy sound of sweet boys wearing themselves out?

Pure unadultered joy. Tired children are wonderful children, as they’ll go to sleep at a decent hour.


Thanks for sticking around and for reading for all these years. In 12 days it will be the seventh anniversary of this journal. Even with multiple hiatuses, that is astounding to me.

See you soon,