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Day 30

Friday, November 30th, 2007

We are gearing up for a trip next week, Tony is being sent to PA for business and I’m going with him. On the way back, we are making a detour for 2 nights to have some us time, since we haven’t had any since before my surgery.

I got us a room at our favorite hotel in WV. A king size suite in the middle of everywhere we like to go. I am so excited about getting out of here for a few days. It isn’t like I don’t love my family but, being just us is such a novelty that we sometimes don’t know how to act. We get silly and goofy, and wait, that is how we are anyway.

Seriously though, we throw on some music, turn the volume down low and just talk and talk. There is no place I like being more than riding down the road with Tony, all by ourselves. It doesn’t matter where we’re going, even if it is someplace I don’t really care to go, being with him makes it worthwhile.

I will be able to keep up with Holidailies, as I am taking my laptop with me. I’m bound and determined to get that 60 days straight in. Have a great day.

Stolen from Nance, who stole it from Robyn
1) Are you an Aunt/Uncle? Yes

2) Can you do a cartwheel? Not without seriously injuring myself and others. And, even if I wasn’t a clutz, why would I want to send my head flailing at the ground?

3) What was the last movie you saw in theaters? I think Star Wars 3. And, yes, I know that was a long time ago. Movies are too expensive to risk not liking it, anymore.

4) Do you eat vegetables regularly? Is Diet Mountain Dew a vegetable?

5) If you were going to get a body piercing, where would you get it? I want to get my nostril redone since it migrated out.

6) Do you ever hang out with someone of the opposite sex? Yeppers.

7) What is the weather like right at this very moment? Beautiful. We have had the mildest November ever. In fact on Thanksgiving day it was around 80 degrees.

8) What is something you can’t wait for? Leaving on a jet plane, or a rental car, next week for a few days.

9) How many times have you been to Canada? A lot. I’m from Niagara Falls, NY, we used to go fairly regularly.

10) Have you ever had a reptile as a pet? No. Ick, ick, ick.

11) What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple, but not fresh ones as they make my mouth burn and sting.

12) What song is on your myspace profile right now? None, I hate music on profiles.

13) Who was your last missed call on your cell phone? My husband.

14) Where are you most ticklish? All over. I am so ticklish it isn’t funny.

15) How many hours a week do you normally work? 0.

16) Who’s your number 1 on myspace? My sister Mary.

17) Do you have deep dark secrets? Doesn’t everyone?

18) When was the last time you were sick? A couple weeks ago. Small germ factories seem to love me, a lot.

19) What color is your car? Grey/silver, I think it’s Tony’s car, really.

20) How many siblings do you have? 3.

21) Have you ever gotten caught sneaking out? Nope, I didn’t sneak out. Only 1 time that I can remember.

22) Did you ever try running away from home when you were younger? Once.

23) What makes you the happiest? Tony, the kids, my family. A hug, a doctor that listens,

24) How do you feel when you see a child at the store throwing a “Tantrum”? It depends on the tantrum or how my day has been. If the kid is just overtired and acting out, I feel bad for the kid, if it’s an older kid who wants something, I want to kick them.

25) Where do you want to be right now? Gone from here.

26) Have you ever finished a Rubik’s Cube? No.

27) When is the last time you drank too much? Last summer. Back in August when we went to WV, I drank enough for 3 people.

28) When was the last time you rode a bike? Can’t remember.

29) Do you have any vacation plans for this summer? A family reunion in NY with my father’s side of the family.

30) Where were you 1 hour ago? Right here.

31) Who will be your next kiss? One of the kids.

32) Do you kiss a lot of people? No.

33) Are you wearing socks right now? Nope, bright red fuzzy slippers.

34) When was the last time you went out of state? August?

35) Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? No.

36) What was the last thing you had to drink? Diet MT Dew

37) What are you wearing right now? Peach shirt, black capri pants.

38) What was your last purchase? Prescriptions online.

39) Last thing you ate? salad. yummy salad with lots of onions, actually.

40) Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Not for me.

41) Are you a sexual predator? Yeah, right.

42) What is in the backseat of your car? Everything.

43. Three words to explain why you last threw up? Food poisoning, eww.

45. What was the last movie you watched? A Boy Named Charlie Brown

46. Do you think Barbie is a negative role model for kids? Yep but, I still bought my niece them, as she likes them.

47. What kind of car does your father drive? An Impala

48. Do you like scrabble? Once in a long while.

49. Where did you attend high school? Washington and Lee High School.

50. Favorite scent? Depends on the season. Summer-Cucumber Melon, Winter-Apple Cinnamon.

52. Last television program you watched? I refuse to incriminate myself.

55. Does your family own any boats? Nope.

56. Something you can’t live without? My computer.

61. Where were you when 9/11 happened? On the couch in the living room, watching Kyrsie.

62. How often do you read books? Every week.

65. Describe the computer you are currently using? IBM thinkpad t41 that I purchased used.

66. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? 20 minutes.

67. Will you donate your organs after you pass? Yep.

68. Have you been outside of the USA? Yes, see Canada question.

69. Would you ever get your nipple pierced? How do you know they aren’t?

Day 29

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Christmas babies with Santa. The boys on the far left in black and red are Tre and Charlie, he girl beside them with the white t-shirt is Kyrsie. On Santa’s left leg is Colson.

Aren’t they adorable?

This is last year’s picture, it is astounding how much they have all grown in one short year. Next Saturday is the children’s Christmas party at the lodge. I’ll have to put up a comparison shot, then.

Have a great day.

Day 28

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Today was another follow up to my foot surgery. And, I finally got some good news. I am allowed to put some weight on my foot. Not much, not often but, I can start heading in the direction of actually full fledged walking again.

I talk a couple steps tonight, leaning very much on my walker, with very little weight on my right foot, at all. It was painful. Very painful. Now, I know I just had a fairly serious foot surgery with some major rearranging, cutting, moving about of tendons, just 7 weeks ago but, I was so hoping that the move to being able to walk would be easier.

It’ll happen. By the New Year I’m hoping that I will be able to walk into the Lodge and to the office without much pain. That is my big push.

Other than that the big thing today was picking up my shoes. Yes, I am now the proud owner of a pair of orthopedic diabetic shoes. They are ugly as hell but fuck it, I never was a big shoe person anyway. I am a big slipper person though, and Tony bought me a pair of red fuzzy slippers to wear. And, for now, they are my all around shoes as I can not stand the pressure of any regular shoes on my right foot.

I’ve had about enough of this being awake thing, I’m off to bed, have a great Thursday.

Day 27

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

This is my Mom and Dad, although, before they were Mom and Dad. If I remember correctly this picture was taken in 1972, which would make them 19 and 15. Or 18 and 14, as it looks like a month or so before there birthdays (fall and they are November and December babies.)

It really wasn’t that long before they were married and parents though. Mom was not quite 17 and Daddy not quite 21 when they married. And, I was 3 months in the making. I was not a surprise though, as they got pregnant on purpose so that my Mom’s parents would sign for her to get married.

And married they did get, having me, then my 3 siblings. One after the other, fairly quickly, as there are only 8 years between me and my brother.

It is now 2007 and my parents have been married 33 years. That is just amazing to me. Mom just turned 50 and she’s been married for that long. And, they are still in love. Now, they fight and fuss sometimes, they have had issues in the past but, they are still together after all those years, the children, the grandchildren, the jobs, the loss of jobs, sickness and health.

They truly have upheld their marriage vows and that is what I look up to. A marriage that has made it through so many years, so many ups and downs, yet still makes it.

Tony and I are at 9 years married. We have been through entirely too much for that time period. But, everyday we tell one another how much we love each other. It is the small showing of love, every day, that makes things work for us.

When Tony stops at the store to bring me a piece of candy to cheer me up. Or buys me a pirate coloring book (a huge one, that I adore) to make me smile. The way he calls me when he eats lunch, and we talk the whole time. How he holds my wheelchair for me to sit down in it, the way he looks at me when the thinks I can’t see him.

It is the way he wraps he laces his fingers through mine, the way he kisses my forehead before he leaves for work. There are a million different ways he shows me everyday. And those are what makes me realize that we belong together in every single way.

Monday, November 26th, 2007

First of all, I signed up for Holidailies today so I am set for December. Another month full of posting and this time I have to record it to a portal so, I will definitely keep up.

The house to the right, was a two family home, the upper level had a couple named Frank and Flossie living in it, my family lived in the bottom level. Now, we moved out of this house in 1983 and this picture was taken long after that but, the yard still looks similar. The house not so much, it was kept up much better back then but, the neighborhood was not so downtrodden, either.

I do have to say that the porch looks so small. I remember it as being huge, holding a few pieces of medal furniture and oftentimes us girls and my parents. It seemed to be so high off the ground back then, looking at it now, well, not so much.

This was one of the places I lived in while we lived in Niagara Falls, there were others but, I don’t remember them so much. When I was younger and thought of my hometown it was Niagara Falls, and this house that I thought of. Now, it is Colonial Beach and my family’s home. Even though I was born in New York I do not feel like NY is home. Virginia from the mountains to the Bay and back again is where I belong.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind going back to NY, I love my family, it just doesn’t happen often. My Aunt is setting up a reunion (like I mentioned yesterday) for next summer and we’re trying very hard to get the whole family there. Or as much as we can find. We do have 2 cousins that no one has heard from in years. If I am adding all the 3rd generation correctly, there should be 47 of us there. I might be one or two off, as I’m not sure how many children my one cousin has.

Needless to say, there are a lot of us. I mean, hell, I’m one of four, plus there are 2 husbands and 1 long term boyfriend, 4 children (5 by then) and my parents. That is 14 right there so I have to be off in my addition.

Scary isn’t it?

Nah, I shouldn’t say that, overwhelmingly my family is great, there is one that I could do without, and, well most of us could but, every family has one of them. I imagine he will not be there as last I heard he wasn’t in touch with anyone. So, that would be 3 of my generation not there. Maybe a miracle will happen and we’ll find them.

Have a great day.