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Goodbye 2007

Monday, December 31st, 2007

The afternoon of the last day of 2007 is here, we’re rushing about, getting ready to go to some friends for the evening. I wanted to get one more entry in for Holidailies this year which should bring me to 29 entries in December of this year. I had 30 in November and about 10 the entire rest of the year. I really dropped the ball on journaling this year as so much was going on that I really couldn’t talk about.

Well, I made up for that it seems. And, my resolution for 2008 is to write more. Whether it is on, or off, line, I want to write some each day, hopefully a lot will be online, though as I really enjoyed doing this again.

Resolutions normally aren’t my thing, but, in the past 2 years, I resolved 2 different things: quit smoking, and lose weight, and I’ve done both. I quit smoking in September of 2006, and I’ve lost 50 pounds or so this year.

So, 2008, I will write more. I will lose more weight. I will continue to not smoke. I will quit bitching so much.

And, that in a nutshell is it. Tomorrow, I’ll write my update of the past year, and hopefully, I’ll have more than 2 minutes to write it in.

Happy New Year.

Suzy Smith

Christmas Eve at the Lodge

Friday, December 28th, 2007

My family has been spending early Christmas Eve at the Lodge for the past few years. A lot of regular members come in, bringing a dish to share, and just hanging out before the family celebrations begin.

During the afternoon the Lodge gives away 3 pots of money, or actually the pots that weren’t claim throughout the year in the daily attendance drawings. The pots are 300 dollars each and I won one this year, which was really nice and shocking as hell, as I have only won 2 things, ever.

The boys were there, as you can see from the picture of Charlie in my Santa hat. He looked over at me just as I was snapping the picture and it turned out so adorable. Tre got way into being Santa and was Ho ho hoing at me.

And, I’ll write more about the boys on Christmas tomorrow.

Kid Pics and a Southern Meme

Friday, December 28th, 2007

This is Charlie and Colson, and Colson with Santa.

Colson is not quite 2 and a cutie pie. Since he doesn’t live here, I don’t share as many pictures of him but, I love him just the same. He is a smiley little guy who is just starting to talk a bit more.

Miss Ladyloo posted these few questions on her site asking Southerners to answer the meme:

Biscuits or yeast rolls? Depends on the time of day, morning is biscuits, dinner is yeast rolls.
Cracklin’s or chitlin’s? Cracklins
“You might be a redneck…” or “Git’er done”? You might be a redneck…
Catfish or wide-mouthed bass? Catfish
For the ladies: camouflage or monograms (for the love of Pete, hopefully no monogrammed camouflage)? Camo but only my red camouflage dress (there are pictures of it around here, it isn’t scary like it sounds)
Hunt for deer or turkey? Deer, and take out as many of those car wrecking bastards as you can.
John Deere or Kubota? John Deere
Baptist or Methodist? Here’s where you find out I was born in NY, but have lived in the South for more than 24 years: Catholic.
Fried turkey or fried venison? Venison

Foot Stuff

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Today was another follow-up from my foot surgery and it is still the same thing with it. Their is a tiny spot of the incision that is still open, I need physical therapy, and just keep on with it.

I have to say that I am right fed up with the pain of it. When I put weight on my foot it really friggin’ hurts. Hell, right now with my foot up and no weight on it, there is pain. While, I am worried about still having this much pain at 2.5 months out, Dr. D says it is normal and to just relax and have patience.

Tomorrow I have to try and find a therapist closer to me, driving 45 miles, 3 times a week, plus the copay is just too expensive and while I need the therapy to get my range of motion back, I have to find a cheaper way to do it. There is a physical therapy center locally at the nursing home but, I have no idea if they accept my insurance.

Now, that I know I’m going to be in physical therapy for some time, with the copay, I’m wishing we had decided on more for our FSA for next year. I based it off of this year’s expensive plus, a little bit extra (since I hope to have weight loss surgery this year), thinking that would be perfect. Unfortunately, with just expected output we’re going to be putting out a lot more than originally thought.

Ah, well, what can you do? If you overshoot and put too much into it, you’ll lose money, if you don’t put enough, you lose money (through paying more in taxes) but, probably not as much.

I really shouldn’t whine too much, as we really do have fantastic insurance. They have paid a lot of money on things for me this year from surgeries to walkers to diabetic shoes (hush, they aren’t that ugly, and they are the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes I have ever owned.) That doesn’t even mention my medicine. One of my meds costs 300 a month, on its own, so yeah, I shouldn’t whine.

And, for now, I’m done. have a good one.

mmm, cookies

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

I have a billion cookies left, my sisters need to come back and get some, as I forgot to send any home with them. I think all the tore up wrapping paper is gone, the presents are starting to find homes, and the toys are slowly being removed from their boxes.

Now, why in the world are toys so tied down to their packaging? I do not remember my toys being so attached to the cardboard wrapped around them. Hell, Barbie’s hair is now sewn into the box. The boys got a two dollar car in their stockings that had a plastic piece and four screws holding them to their boxes.

It is sad when you need a toolbox to break your way into a toy, just sad. And, speaking of that, a small fry just asked for helping breaking into his new truck.