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As some of y’all know, I shaved my head in March of this year for St. Baldrick’s
Foundation. St. Baldrick’s raises money to research cures for cancers that effect children. I had been growing my hair out for 9 years. Actually closer to 10 years than 9 now that I think about it.

In other words, my hair was long, the longest it had been since I cut all my hair off the end of my junior year of high school. And, in one swish of the scissors it was gone. I did not freak out like I thought I would. In fact, I loved the feeling of no hair. When it started to grow back out, and hair seems to grow remarkably fast when it is that short, I was actually kind of disappointed.

So, I let it grow out a bit but, started to get it cut when it got much longer than an inch long. Now, I’m cheap, even with long hair I did not pay much money to get my hair done. I just do not see the point in spending money on something that isn’t that important to me. With that said, I started going to the barber shop owned by the woman who shaved my head.

It wasn’t expensive to get it cut there but, it was just a clipper cut, with a bit of tapering. Which brings me to now, Tony and I bought a clipper set last week. Last night, he cut my hair for me. It looks fantastic. And, with half of another cut the clippers are paid for. Which means next time we cut one of the boys hair, and we will, as they both get clipper cuts, the set is more than paid for.

I am ecstatic about how well it went and how easy it will be to get my hair cut now. No more trying to remember the schedule for the barbershop and trying to get there plus, having all the old guys look at me like I’m crazy. And, I am not the only woman in town who got their hair cut there, as no “beauty” shop in town will cut a woman’s hair as short as some of us like it.

Yes, my hair is also a different color now, as I dyed it, again, and it is a ‘myspace’ angle but mainly so you don’t see the ugly pink of the wall behind me and to get to actually see my hair since my arms are too damn short.