Hems and Haws

Author: Suzy Smith  |  Category: Uncategorized

We live tomorrow for a business trip that then turns into a couple days away for us and I have been trying to hem Tony’s new work pants. Now, I hate hemming pants, I suck at it, but, someone has to do it, and these pants only come unhemmed. The only reason I am not hemming right now is I needed to give my fingertips a break from pricking them over and over again.

You see, it seems I have no clue of needle control and I am forever hurting myself. No matter what I do, I just can not pay close enough attention to it, to not draw blood, at least a couple times. Plus, holding a needle, which is tiny, obviously, makes my carpal tunnel just ache and burn.

Yeah, so I get online and decide to write, I am so damn intelligent. Actually, I got online to look up a bunch of directions for us, then wandered over to Holidailies to do some reading, and realized I needed to post for today.

I have a million things to write about and absolutely no time to do it in. I can not wait to get to our hotel and just have nothing, during the day, to distract me from writing. Well, except for the whirlpool that is.

Have a good one.