It ain’t Grandma’s house.

Author: Suzy Smith  |  Category: Uncategorized

Over the river and through the friggin’ snow it looks like for us. We leave in less than an hour and it seems that it is snowing along most of our route.

I am not happy about this. We’re going through some roads that are not the best on the planet, surrounded by people who do not know how to drive in snow in a rental car.

And, the nerves are just rolling. I don’t know why but, I am always a nervous wreck when we first leave on a trip like this. With me not being able to drive it is even worse, as I am a complete and utter control freak and I hate being in the passenger seat.

Watching the news is not conducive to calming me, there is a 26 mile backup on the beltway. Of course, we have to go on that part of the beltway. I need a drink. And I need to get out of here. Have a good day.