Author: Suzy Smith  |  Category: Uncategorized

I love The Muppets Christmas Carol. It isn’t my fault though, Tony introduced me to it, as I had never seen it, and it has become a tradition of ours to watch it every year.

I mean, a musical version, with Muppets? What could be better? No, not that version, nor the one you like. I like a bit of fun with my Mr Scrooge and The Muppets give it to me.

But, they don’t give fun to my sister, Mary. She thinks they are just entirely creepy and refuses to watch them. I think her phobia about them is one of the weirdest ones, ever, and I am one for odd phobias. I am scared of falling out of my wheelchair and this isn’t a tiny fear this is full blown paranoia to the point that I drive Tony nuts when he is pushing me around.

That isn’t my only oddity, I’m afraid of riding with someone else driving. I hate it, to the point that I sleep when I can in the car with others so I don’t make them want to throw me out of the car. And because of this, I do not fly, as they will not let me fly the plane.

While, they may think that is a good thing, I am analretentive about driving, if I were flying, it would be worse. To the point that I probably would never get off the runway so maybe they are right.

Yikes, I just realized how late it is getting, Tony will be back soon for us to pack up and head to our next location, fun, fun, 3 hours more riding in the passenger seat.

I’m out of here, Happy Friday.