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Dinner last night consisted of a soup that I made up on the fly. It turned out really well so I want to keep a record of it.

Chicken stock
red onion
onion powder
frozen spinach
parmesan cheese
slices of provolone
red pepper flake

chop onion and garlic, saute onions in a bit of oil, then garlic. Add chicken stock, bring up in temperature. Throw in cooked, shredded chicken and sliced up pepperoni. Cook for a few minutes, throw in ravioli and spinach, cook until ravioli is almost done, add red pepper flake, salt, pepper, and simmer for a few minutes. At last minute throw in handful of parmesan. Ladle into bowl while steaming hot, float a slice of provolone on top so it melts, and serve.

This is not low carb or low calorie but I worked out both and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And, I made sure to put less pasta in my bowl to save on carbs.

It really was good too, although we’ll never have it again the same way as it will never turn out the same again. In fact one time, not long after we were living together, I made a chicken, garlic, saucey thing over pasta. It was fantastic and I have never been able to recreate it.

Over the years probably 40 times I have tried to get it the same and it has never happened. Not that the others weren’t tasty but, I would love to be able to taste that again, one more time.