The Gaudier the Better.

Author: Suzy Smith  |  Category: Uncategorized

I found a picture of some of the flower lights we used to have, although we never had them in clear versions, as well, white Christmas lights are boring.

Multicolored lights are the only way to go as far as I’m concerned. I have white light on all year round through regular old bulbs, why would I want to have strings of them? White lights remind me of grocery stores in the 80s with the strings of white lights, on the roofline, year-round. They are entirely too commercial.

Give me loud, bright, gaudy, reds that are the reddest you can imagine, blues deeper than the sea, greens that make the grass wish it were that color. And, lots of them. None of those pitiful single string of lights, or just a few on the tree, I wanna see that sucker from outer space. I want the lights to reflect off of everything in the room.

And the lights aren’t all of the gaudy I love. The plastic lawn ornaments, the blow up ones, the homemade ones cut out of plywood and painted by hand. If it is silly and tacky and loud, I love it.

Hell, I revel in it. While others decry the use of the gaudy, I’m grabbing for it, demanding more light and shine, crying only if I see a street with only white lights.

Christmas is excess in the USA. It just is. Embrace it, feel the wind from your electric meter, embrace the shine that is over saturated light. Love the one time of year you can put silly things all over your house and not look like a nutjob.

Happy Days.