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Christmas Party

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Saturday night was the Lodge’s adult Christmas party. Most of the family wandered their way over to it and we had a blast, especially me fueled by a few appletinis and shots of butterscotch schnapps. And, Tony gave me a fantastic present by wearing a suit. an amazing suit that he looks incredible in. That made my entire Christmas as he is so not a dress-up type guy.

I dressed up in my standard glittery red camo holiday dress. This will probably be the last time I wear it in this form, as it is already way too big for me, and I’m planning on losing lots more weight. As much as I love it though, I’m keeping it to have it cut done into something else when I’m settled in at a size I like.

Happy Holidays from Suzy and Tony Smith
What you can’t see in this picture are my red fuzzy slippers, as I can not wear a shoe on my right foot, still. Not that it hurts my feelings to not have to wear incredibly uncomfortable shoes..