I was going to write…

Author: Suzy Smith  |  Category: Uncategorized

I had a million things I wanted to say today but, the day has gotten away from me, I really haven’t accomplished as much as needed to be done and the boys refuse to nap.

Plus, I’m searching the house for my digital camera, my right wrist is back in my carpal tunnel brace as the whole lower part of the arm is swollen. My brain is flying from one thought to the other and the kids are still not sleeping.

I recorded some television this morning and instead of it being what I had set up, it is W. Good lord he annoys me to the point of wanting to scream. If I had a rubber tipped dart gun I would shoot the screen. And, damnit the kids are not asleep.

My foot is aching, the oven is preheated but, I do not feel like baking anymore, even though I have the ingredients for 9 billion more cookies. There is a lot of trash ready to be taken to the dump and no one to take it. and yes, the kids are still up and about.

I lost the holiday spirit for a bit today but, I will get it back , even if the children just will not rest.