Not long now…

I finally see the new surgeon, tomorrow (it’s after midnight so it counts as Thursday, here). I am a wreck. I just want to move on from this and get our lives back on track, post cancer surgery, and work on getting healthier. My paperwork is all filled out, my room is booked at the […]

New Hair, new stickers…

New orangey red hairStickers and plate on my van


Humor, silly ass humor but, I need to have humor to fight this.

Dragging on and on.

I have an appointment on October 17th at 9AM at Johns Hopkins Hospital. We’re looking at November for the surgery now. Fuck, I just want it over with. I have a malignant fucking tumor in me, why drag it out so long? Should we let it grow and grow? Fuck the medical system. I’m so […]


The diagnosis was confirmed by the MRI. I obviously still held a hope of the original one being incorrect as I burst into tears over it. I still have no surgery date set, as the hospital my urologist has privileges at doesn’t want to have my kidney removal performed there. Instead I am being sent […]