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Dragging on and on.

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

I have an appointment on October 17th at 9AM at Johns Hopkins Hospital. We’re looking at November for the surgery now. Fuck, I just want it over with. I have a malignant fucking tumor in me, why drag it out so long? Should we let it grow and grow?

Fuck the medical system. I’m so tired of it. Plus, I really am physically tired and have been for about a year. I thought it was my fibromyalgia (and fuck right off if you don’t believe it is a real disease, if it isn’t I want to know what else makes every fucking thing hurt so much.)

Shit, oh, I was going to say I thought it was the fibro but, according to 2 doctors the extreme fatigue is probably from the cancer.

So, bad stuff today but, I am so ready for a good day of news. sigh. I will be staying in Baltimore the night prior to the appointment so if you’re in the area and would like to meet with me, email or comment.