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Saturday, June 27th, 2009

What I posted on Metafilter about Michael Jackson’s death.

I was in the store today bopping along listening to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” playing when the music stopped and the announcer said, “We have just had it confirmed that Michael Jackson has died, at the age of 50, from a cardiac arrest. Again, it has just been confirmed that Michael Jackson has died.”

Every single person in the store stopped dead in their tracks and just listened. For a moment after the announcement was played no one said a word. Then, we all turned to one another with disbelief. Not one of us could believe what we had just heard. I mean obviously the radio station had heard a rumor as they were playing MJ’s music, or that was the creepiest coincidence ever, but, wow, he was an icon on my childhood.

As many have stated here, “Thriller” was the first cassette I owned. I played it until it fell apart, that was all we listened to, nonstop, at birthday parties, at sleep overs, at school rest time. He was the man and everyone wanted to be like him. Even as he changed and grew into a sad individual I could always remember him through his music.

Goodbye Michael, rest in peace.

Yes, Michael was part of my life growing up and he will be missed. I may write more about the rest of his life later but, for now, this is my goodbye to him.