Daily Archives: April 14, 2010

A day…

Today is one of my very best, in fact, my best female friend’s birthday.  She is 40 today.

Happy Birthday Tracey!  No matter how old I look (or looked) I’m still 5 years, 1 week younger than you.

Yep, one week until I turn 35.  Turning 35 is odd, when I turned 30 I was upset about it, now I am very happy to be celebrating another year on this earth.  35 isn’t 20 but, it isn’t bad either.

Now, 40, that’s old (just kidding.)


Today I go back to physical therapy for lymphedema treatment on my right leg.  I hate having to go since it is an hour drive, each way, just to have my leg wrapped.  Luckily she is going to teach Tony how to do it since I can not get up there 3 days a week while my van is still broken down.

I also now have a compression pump sitting here.  On Friday I will be taught how to use it, and given the part that goes on my legs.  30 minutes twice a day I’ll be hooked up to this thing to try and help my lymph system to work properly.  I have had issues with swelling in my legs for sometime but after my nephrectomy it got worse on the right side. The side that my cancer was on.  The thought is that the lymph nodes were damaged in some manner which made the swelling much worse.

Prior to my nephrectomy my left leg was the worse one, which really adds to the thought that it was the surgery that did this.  In addition to that the right leg is the leg I had the cellulitis in that put me in the hospital for most of February.
Speaking of the hospital, I spent our 11th wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day in the hospital, now, I am just praying I stay out of it for my birthday which is one week from today.  I can not be in the hospital during birthday week!  It is time for me to drink and eat cake and well, be a pretty, pretty princess for one week of the year.

Tony would probably say I think I’m a princess every day of the year and, well, he is pretty much right!

More soon, have a fantastic day.

Suzy Smith

PS. If anyone knows why my archives might not be working right, or could lend a hand, or knows a cheap place that could help me fix this problem, please let me know.  It sucks that none of the direct links to my posts are working correctly.