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Thursday, June 24th, 2010

I know I haven’t updated here in over a month but things have been hard here.  My chosen family lost an 18 year old child to drowning.  He was on life support for several days before he passed.  It was horrendously difficult to deal with.  His family is being so strong, beyond what any normal human being should have to be.

His name was Steven.  He was 18, getting ready to graduate from high school.  In fact, he was posthumously given his diploma.  So, he is a high school graduate.  He was also a football player and had just become a Senior member of the local rescue squad.  He was planning on becoming an EMT.

Also, my Granny is not doing well, she has had several hospitalizations, severe confusion, and some other issues.  She was in a nursing home to have physical therapy and then went back to the hospital.  Her doctors have warned us to enjoy the time we have left.  She is my last living grandparent.  I love my Granny more than you can imagine and it is breaking my heart that she is in bad shape.

Plus, the 17th was the third anniversary of the death of a dear friend.  He died from metastatic stomach cancer.  He had fought it once and beat it only for it to come back and take him from us.  I miss Mikey every single day, even though I didn’t see him often, just knowing that sweetheart of a man was in the world made the world a better place.  I miss him.

Yeah, rough month.  I’m dealing with climbing back out of the depression that was weighing down on me.  It is better today than it has been in a month.  Every day is a fight against it which means the Wellbutrin is no longer working well and I need to get more help.  Unfortunately, my primary care doctor, while nice, is not so good with the diagnosis and help with issues.  I see her more for medication refills than anything else.  In fact, I need to set up an appointment as all my scripts have no refills on them.

Nutshell, bad time.  Trying to feel better.  Missing people who are gone, and worrying about one who is heading that way.  I have posted a few times on my kidney cancer survivors blog but, even there, not much.  Nor probably all that interesting for a nonkidney cancer person.

Spam comments…

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

What the hell, I had like 10 spam comments in 10 years using html or blogger, now that I’m using WordPress, i spam several comments a day.  Ridiculous.  And annoying but, I delete every single one of them.

June 1 =18 months.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Today is 18 months post nephrectomy.  My nephrectomy scar, which goes from just below my breast bone all the way down my stomach an into my belly button, is fading, in all but one spot.