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Candles and food and gimpy legs.

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Yesterday, or well, still my today since I am still awake, was errands day. Oh, you all know what I mean. The “need to go here, need to run there, stop here and get this, go and get that” that type of day. I hate those as they just run by way too fast. I never get everything done that I want to do and I always forget to do one thing. Or the same thing as I have two items that need to go back to Walmart that have been sitting here for weeks.

I can not remember them and they are on the damn list! In all caps at that. It is driving me crazy. I remembered the three candles I was exchanging. (sidenote: Yankee Candle has a wonderful exchange/refund policy, three candles all had been burnt at least a bit, they exchanged them no problem, the reasons were: smelled like kerosene (and it did, weird odor only when lit, smelled great when cold), tunneling (i know too much about candles) and no throw (again, I know too much about candles.)

The two women working today were incredibly helpful and I need to call their manager and thank them, seriously, the best customer service I have ever received. Tomorrow I will call there to thank them, again.

Oh, and to amuse myself I went and took pictures of my collection of Yankee Candles, actually there are two missing, one is in the living room, and one is in the bathroom. I have 25 large jars, 9 small and 3 medium, plus a box of tealights, and a few votives. Only two are burnt completely, and they will be used as tarts in a tart warmer.

So, without further ado, my collection:

Candle collection

This is the shelf in my kitchen that holds my collection and our bar and bar tools. Eventually I want to move the candles onto shelves in my living room but, I haven’t made it that far.

Top shelf of candle hutch

And the bottom shelf:

More candles

My addiction. Of course, I only buy them when they are on sale and with coupons as Yankee Candles are expensive but, they smell so great. The Chocolate Truffle candle I had burning earlier made the entire house smell like chocolate. That one is dangerous as it made the husband very hungry.

Right now, I have Red Apple Wreath burning in the living room and a jar of Spiced Pumpkin in the bathroom. Although, the Spiced Pumpkin isn’t lit. And, to amuse myself and maybe one or two of you, a quick lesson in what the terms I was using means.

Tunneling: Tunneling is where the candle burns only in a small circle around the wick, instead of across the entire jar. You want a candle to burn from one side to the other, the entire top surface of it should be liquid, that is called the wax pool.

Throw: The area or distance in which the fragrance flows or goes. ie, the candle I returned had a small throw, you couldn’t smell it unless your face was on top of it.

Now, anyone left? Hey, I am a candle geek. I could talk about candles for hours and hours and hours. In fact, I do that sometimes to my poor husband, and he now knows a lot more candle terms than he ever wished to know.

The rest of the day was a trip to the bank, Walmart, a few other stops to get things done that were past needing to be done, then home to unload the vehicle and put everything away. Once everything was in its place or close there to it, it was time to bake. Tony and I had discussed bread pudding the other day so, I bought some day old fancy bread and cubed that up, made a quick custard, threw it in the oven to bake. I made a caramel sauce to go on top of it, after asking my lovely Facebook people about making one without heavy cream, you can, I did, it was good.

Then, I made a quick pan of brownies for Tony to take to work tomorrow. Brownies with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup baking chips in it because I am an awesome wife. Dinner was a quick one, though, hamburgers that are browned, then left in the pan with a couple cans of french onion soup to finish. That and we had mashed potatoes and cauliflower. Quick, easy, not so good for you dinner but, the errands and the baking wore me out.

The whole gimpy thing gets old sometimes. The having to use a cane, walker, or wheelchair depending on the day or activity is just annoying. It gets really bad when the leg with the lymphedema is very swollen as it just hurts so damn bad. Plus, i can not keep a pant leg to stay down on that leg. It always climbs up because the leg is much bigger around, even when I buy pants that are bigger, they still ride up.

Now, I am still awake because I just finished using my lymph pump to push some of that lymph out of my bad leg. In a few minutes I am going to have to pee, again. Pushing the fluid out of a limb will do that.

Until, then, though I think I’m going to go put dishes away and then, hopefully I can get some sleep.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Top shelf contains the following candles: Sparkling Cinnamon, Spiced Oranges, Spiced Pumpkin, StormWatch, Creamy Caramel, Fireside, Tutti-Fruiti, and Home for the Holidays and black cherry votives.

Bottom Shelf: Spiced Pumpkin, Pink Sands, Lemon Zest, Raspberry Cream, Chocolate Truffle, Spiced Orange,
Christmas Eve, Granny Smith, Lilac Blossoms, Sweet Violet, Golden Spiced Pear (or the remnants of of, that are for tart use, it has been discontinued) Berry Jam, Jelly Donut, Cranberry Orange, a burnt up Home for the Holidays, Pineapple Citrus, Tropical Fruit.


Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

I should have been born a gay man. Yes, I should have been. Now, hear me out, open your mind. I have been told this before, so, let me make the case for you.

I love all things musical. Anything you can imagine, I love about it. The silly, the camp, the wonderfulness of breaking into song for no damn good reason. The costumes, the staging, all of it. In fact, to as a sub-point to this point, my favorite musical is “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” I can sing every lyric to you, a capella, right now. One of my eventual planned tattoos is Hedwig’s Tattoo from the movie version during “Origin of Love.” Hedwig divided and full face tattoo

I love all things camp. Tiki items, martini glass lamps, pink flamingos (yes, I want some. desperately) are all things I adore. Beside me I have the silliest lamp ever, it is short, and has tattoo flash designs on it. Camp. A million more things I could go into, but, you get the idea.

I adore all things Drag. Right now, I am watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. Love it. I always have loved Drag Queens and Drag Kings. There is something about gender bending and taking the extremes of your opposite gender that I like. Were I a man I would be a Drag Queen, hell, I am as close as you can come to a female Drag Queen in some ways, see my love of pink hair, all things glitter, girly clothes.

I tend to be domineering in a “manly” way. Or so I have been told many times over the years. I say I’m just being me, but, you know women aren’t supposed to be in charge.

My favorite club ever was a gay bar named Merriman’s in Fredericksburg, VA. Tiny, cramped, dark, loud music, hot bartenders, fantastically strong drinks, and a roomful of men who weren’t after a piece of female ass? What more can you ask for?

I love men. Men, men, men. Love them. And, after all isn’t that the main thing I have in common with gay men?

Have a good one,

(disclaimer: yes, I know these are not really what all gay men like, or are like, this is just my observation of things and well, what I have been told by a lot of people, gay, straight and bi over the years.)