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Monday, August 1st, 2011

The day is already starting to heat up. I can feel the humidity and heat rolling in, even before the sun rises over the horizon. My flag is flapping in the breeze, once again. I’m am still awake, as I have been since yesterday. My lack of a normal sleep schedule is horrendous.

I haven’t slept a full eight hours without waking up in months. My days and nights are turned around as if I was an infant. In fact, they have been turned around for a long time, but, it has only been recently that the insomnia has come back.

I read a lot. I’ll read anything when I am in the grips of the worst insomnia. I have even sunk as low as to reread the Twilight series just to try and fall asleep.

Today is supposed to be a busy day, I suppose I should grab a couple hours of sleep before it begins for me.

Good night all