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Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Busy isn’t nowhere near big enough of a word for what this weekend has consisted of. So, bullets, then details.

*Sister got married (surprise!)
*Corey’s birthday party (2)
*Drove my Granny To almost NC. (long story)
*13th Wedding Anniversary! (wow!)

Ok, let’s start at the beginning. My sister, Mary, was engaged and Saturday was set to be her “engagement party.” Well, when they announced this I messaged her and tried to convince her to do a surprise wedding. Little did I know, but her and Alex were already planning this. Ha, I thought it was a good idea as this is a good week for anniversaries in our family (our’s, our parents (tony’s and mine) and now my sister and her husband.)

Well, Saturday night we got to the party and I was ready, I was sure she was getting married that night, and was prepared for it. I had even told two of my friends I was positive about it. Ha, fooled me, they got married Friday during the day, with just their children and our parents in attendance. We did get to see the video though, and lots of pictures. She looked beautiful, Alex was handsome. I am so happy for them, I cried.

I am absolutely positive that Alex is the man she was meant to be with. Her first marriage was just a bump in the road to this one. Hopefully, they have a lifetime of happiness with one another. I will say she smiles more around him, than she ever did her first husband. In fact, the sappy, gushy part? Reminds me of Tony and I back in the day. Now, we’re still sappy, but a more refrained, been together 15 years, married for 13 of them kind of sappy.

Next, Coren’s second birthday party. Now, Saturday night some of us, ahem, imbibed in a few too many adult beverages at the engagement/reception, then at the bar after that. Some of us, (yeah, me) may have felt meh on Sunday, nonetheless the party at my other sister, Katie’s, house went on for her sweet little Corey.

Then yesterday was our thirteenth anniversary. We spent the day together, doing not all that much other than just being together, then we went out and had a nice, long, relaxing dinner where we just talked and smiled. Overall, we had a wonderful evening with just the two of us, no big fanfare, no gifts this year for one another, but mainly because we need to save money and Christmas is coming fast.

Happy Anniversary, my Tony. I love you.

Now, the one down point to the whole weekend, my Granny is declining mentally and on Thursday of last week things came to a head where she was living. My amazing cousin, Martha met me near the NC border to pick Granny up and give this section of the family a break. Granny needs more help than we can give her, but that isn’t my decision to make.

Having written it out it doesn’t sound like much, but also I got a haircut, groceries were purchased, ran here and there, and well, other stuff.

I really need to update more as doing it once a month has made me lose my voice. I will work on that. Have a good one.