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A catching up 2012

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Wow, it has been forever. Life has gotten so busy over the past six months between home, family, and other writing. Oh, yes, other writing. I am covering the local politics and government for the weekly paper here. While, this is not my forte, it is getting better, and most weeks my articles end up on the front page.

Seriously, I have many weeks of front page articles, and even if it is solely because of the stories it still feels good. Over the past ten years most of my writing has had to do with body modification and body art. That is enjoyable to me, but isn’t the best for future resume purposes. However, this much more conservative writing looks good on a resume.

For the first couple months that I did this, I kept my hair brown, then my friend, Tracey, got married, again (third times the charm, right chick?) and she demanded that I have my hair pink, again. I dyed my hair on their wedding day. At first it was red, bright red, but not the pink like I normally wear.

Suzy red hair New Year's Eve I dealt with the red hair, then I redyed it, mainly to cover some scary roots, and the second time, same dye, it turned pink again. Much better, and it suits me more than the red. Luckily, none of the local government officials, school officials, or my boss seem to mind the hair. I really do not look like myself with the brown and grey hair. Especially as there is way more grey than I care to have under there.


Tony and I have been living in this house for almost 15 months and we are still not completely settled in. I know, we should be, but we bought a freezer in the beginning of December, and had to start to redo that room. We’re working on it. The fact that doing too much is so hard on me physically slows things down, as well. In fact, I don’t know how much I have written about this prior, but, as you all know I had some physical limitations for years, prior to the cancer. After the diagnosis, things only got worse.

Now, I have a right leg that is literally five times the size of the left due to severe lyphedema. This not only slows me down, but causes so much pain that there are many days I literally cannot do many things. It hurts right now as a matter of fact, and I really should be pumping it in my machine. I will, but, I want to write this first. The lymphedema is caused by damage to the lymph nodes on the right side of my body during my nephrectomy and due to infections I had during that time period.

Back to the house stuff, the living room needs to be rearranged, in fact I need to get rid of one set of bookshelves, but it is hard to make that decision as two are filled with books, and one is filled with my candle collection. Yes, my collection has grown since then, although I have not bought a single Yankee Candle since the start of December due to Yankee’s candle changes (that is an entry for another day.)

What do you do with things though, if you don’t know where to put them? I mean, I know we need to get rid of a lot of stuff. We both have issues with holding onto too much junk, but so much of that comes from growing up poor. You keep things, you do, as you don’t know when you might need something. Hell, I have clothes that are falling apart, that I keep, because clothes are expensive and I might not be able to buy anymore, anytime soon.

Seriously, I know it is a problem, plus I come from a line of shopping addicts, and I am fighting to stop that myself. We are broke, but I can still shop at a dollar store!


Let’s see. I don’t know if I ever discussed my new nieces! I know I haven’t the one, but I have two of them. Jylian was born last August to my sister, Katie and her fiance. My brother, Richie, and his fiance just had Hailey on February 11th.
JylianJylian Doan
Hailey Hailey Marie

My sister, Mary got remarried in October to a fabulous man, whom we all love and is so much better than her first husband. They had a “surprise” wedding reception following them having a ceremony with only their parents and children.

Honestly, that marks the important things I have missed posting. More to come. I promise, as I am not only giving up something for Lent (potato chips) but, taking up a good thing by writing every day until Easter!