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Friday, February 24th, 2012

It has to be a short one this morning as I am tired as hell, have things to do and my head hurts. Now, not a standard headache, it seems I have cellulitis in my scalp and I am just waiting for my doctor’s office to open, in hopes of being able to just get some oral antibiotic, instead of having to be admitted.

Oh, yes, admitted. Every time I have had cellulitis, and it has been a bunch of times in my abdomen due to my body having retained part of my umbilical cord as an infant. It tends to just stick around in some people and cause problems at times. In the long run it is actually a good thing that the first bout of abdominal cellulitis happened as that saved my life.

I know that sounds odd, but, had the ER doctor not forced me to go to another hospital and have a CT scan done to make sure I didn’t have some sort of abscess, they would not have found the tumor in my kidney until it was much, much larger. As it was the tumor had probably been growing for a long time when it was found.

Also, I have to make my follow up appointment and get the CT scan set. I have been fighting my insurance company on this scan, but it is actually time for it now, instead of a bit early so, they shouldn’t fight that. This is a big one as at my last scan they found pulmonary nodules. If they’ve grown, the cancer has metastasized. I am so hoping beyond hope that this is not the case. Lung mets are deadly, I know this, and dammit, I’d like to be here for another 40 or so years.