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Too much to do.

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Life is so busy here that my house is a wreck. I have so much work to do in here, and a leg that will not cooperate.

I have been on the search for new dresses and skirts, as pants just aren’t working for my leg very well anymore. Unfortunately, the company I normally buy my dresses from seems to be going out of business as they have very little in stock. That sucks as not only am I a big fat woman, but one who has a certain style that most places do not sell clothing for.

As the store seems to be going away, I need to learn how to sew better. Right now I can do basic things, basic garments, but I need to be able to start making my own dresses. The hardest part is adjusting for my body as my ass makes my skirts too short in the back, unless I add inches. I will get it though, I’m hard headed as hell.

The last garment I made is a simple little sundress out of very cheap fabric, it is cute, but not really something that I am wiling to wear all the time. The fabric is just rough on my skin and I hate that feeling. But, the design of it works beautifully for me, so I’ll drape the next just like that one, only I have better fabric to use. A cotton with slight stretch and it is red, which is one of the colors I wear all the damn time.

I also have two large pieces of fabric that have a mod design on them that I adore. Sadly though, they are that odd slinky fabric that so many fat women’s clothing stores love, that if you don’t cut it just right it shows off every lump and bump of your body.

Those pieces of fabric may very likely become skirts so, I can wear them with a shirt over them to hide some of the bumps. We’ll see though, I may buy a piece of slinky I don’t care about to practice on first.

Time to get moving on my day. Have a good one!