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The Movies

Monday, February 27th, 2012

We took Tre, Charlie, and Timmy to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D. Holy cow, 3D movies are expensive. Three adult tickets, two child tickets were $64 and that was before popcorn and drinks. That is just ridiculous and reminds me of why we do not go to the movies often. I do believe we are about done with movie theaters, other than if they do the next two Star Wars movies in 3D as the kids never got to see them in the movie theater.

We took the Intrepid up (My Mom has been letting me use that car for 1.5 and she rocks for that) and fitting all five of us was tough. Tony is tall and a big guy, and Timmy, who is 19 is a giant. He is well over six foot tall, probably six foot four or so, and just wide. We put him up front, and Tony in the backseat with the two little guys who are in booster seats, still.

Tre is 53 pounds at 8 years old (and 3′ 11″ I believe.) He is tiny and while age wise he is old enough to sit in a seatbelt without a booster, his Dad and StepMom are absolutely doing the right thing by keeping him in a booster. Luckily, he doesn’t mind it as he understands how small he is.

Charlie is 55 pounds, 3′ 9″ at 7 years old. He is obviously in a booster, as well, and will be for quite a while yet. They got him a booster seat that has flames on it, so he is all for using it, because “It is so cool, Aunt Pooh!”

After the movie, we took the kids out to eat, luckily we had a gift card to cover most of that, as we spent a lot on the movie. Tre hadn’t been feeling good all day, and you could tell at dinner as he barely ate anything and he turned down vanilla ice cream. Tre never does that.

We finally got the two little guys home around 8:40, then Tony drove Timmy all the way home (Timmy has autism and doesn’t drive.) It was a long day, but so much fun that it was well worth it.