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I’m 37, now.

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Holy shit, I turned 37 last weekend, the 21st to be exact. It isn’t the age itself that is causing me to say holy shit, but the fact that when I started MutteringFooldotcom, or actually the precursor to I was not even 25.

Going back and reading some of the earliest entries from back in the Geocities days really makes me guffaw and wonder how I wrote all the things I did back then? My life really was an open book back then, not so much anymore. It isn’t so much the older making me wiser thing, but the I like the writing I do for the paper thing.

Hmm, I am not sure if I mentioned it. On top of the other freelance stuff, I am writing for the local weekly newspaper. My main focus is local government and politics, although I have done a couple other pieces. It is enjoyable work and gets me out of the house on a regular basis, which for awhile was a thing. It seems that when I don’t have to leave the house I will often not leave, at all, for days on end. With this writing gig, I have meetings to attend multiple times per month so I have to leave even when I don’t want to do so.

The name of the paper is the Westmoreland News. You can search for some of my stories under Susan Pietras-Smith, as that is the name I use for the paper. The site does not have all of my stories for them on there, but has a decent sampling, nothing prior to mid-January of this year is on there.

I need to get my butt off of here and to bed, as I have running to do, and also need to go see my new tattoo artist, since my old one moved. Onward and upward, see y’all soon.