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Fuck You Leg

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

I just threw a temper tantrum about my leg. I’ve had enough of it hurting and refusing to heal. I’m tired of the swelling and the pain. I’m tired of trying to hide it from people and being asked if it was a “fake for Halloween” that I am going to take off.

I am tired of it. I have a disease/disorder caused by having cancer. They destroyed some of my lymph nodes on my right side, when they removed my kidney on that side. It is lymphedema, not edema. The lymph fluid pools in the leg due to the lymph system not working correctly.

I am fed up to here with cancer related shit. I am tired of it, I just want to go back to 2008 and stop this from happening to me.

I am tired of having to depend on so many people for help. I am tired of being disabled. I am tired of it all.

I just want a break from it. I just want my leg to quit hurting. I just want to be Suzy from early 2008, who had some mobility issues due to congenital muscle and bone stuff, but didn’t hurt so bad with every single movement of the leg. Can I have my TARDIS now?