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Oscar Night

Monday, February 25th, 2013

I didn’t last long watching the Oscars tonight. Seth MacFarlene singing “We Saw Your Boobs” ruined it for me out of the gate. Really, this is what the biggest award in Hollywood has come to? Look, we know that Hollywood, and the world, is misogynist, but really?

Since my mind was already soured to them, plus I’m dealing with something odd nerve wise that is causing one hip to hurt, and the other leg to go numb, whenever my body is upright, that was it. Flopping my body on the couch, and within a few minutes there was snoring flying out of my mouth.

Here and there I would wake up a bit, notice that something else annoying was going on and that was enough for me. I have them recorded (man, do I love my DVR) so tomorrow, I will watch them, fast forwarding to whenever the face of the host is on the screen. If he hosts again next year? I’ll just boycott.

It isn’t like my favorite part isn’t splashed all over. The fashion is really the reason that the Oscars, or anything similar, goes on my television. While, I dress oddly, and more to hide my bad leg, I’m fat and poor. There isn’t much out there really fashionable for someone who is fat.

But, I live vicariously through the women on the screen. The glitter and sequins, the height, the ability to walk in heels. It is ridiculous that back in middle school and early high school all I wore was heels, now, not even if I am in my chair the whole time I am somewhere. My feet can only handle Birkenstock sandals.

Speaking of fat and fashion, how I wish that someone who can design for larger bodies would dress Melissa McCarthy. She is an amazing actress, has a beautiful fat body, but she always wears dresses that do not suit her. I wish I could design something for her, that would look proportionate and not something that is trying to hide her body.

She has a big body, there is no hiding it. Damn it, why can’t her body be as celebrated as the thing women all over the screen?

One less thought on the Oscars, then I am done. My favorite part of tonight is seeing Robin Roberts. For some reason, seeing any fellow cancer survivor get well and back to their lives seems to help me. It makes me smile to see her fighting her second round of cancer (breast, then MDS) and still be standing tall, strong and amazingly beautiful.

Robin, I know you’ll never see this, but you are my hero. Even as I continue to deal with all the side effects of it, you give me strength.

Have a good week, lovely readers of MutteringFooldotcom. The next time I’m gone this long, holler at me.