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A Grown Up Bag

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

IMG_1450I love purses, typically the larger, wilder, or nerdier the better. However, I do have a “grown up” job as a reporter and need to look the part sometimes. When I was in Pennsylvania last week with Tony for his job, I stumbled upon the outlets there.


Then, I wandered about as they had a Peeps outlet (way overpriced, but cute Peeps brand items,) and a Coach outlet. Now, every woman on my side of the family has at least one Coach bag. I have held out and carrying my different purses, changing them quite often as I said I love purses.


I decided to wheel into the Coach store and saw two bags that drew my eyes in immediately. A bright orange one and this pink one. The orange one was Coach orange, and cute, but it just didn’t feel right. Then, I grabbed this one, tested out the shoulder strap (which is a necessity for a disabled woman as I don’t typically have a free hand to carry a bag.)

This one came home with me. It was much cheaper than your typical Coach bag, but still more than I have ever spent on a purse, but I love it. It is smaller than my normal bag, but holds all the stuff (including my kindle, which goes everywhere) that I need with me on a daily basis.

Now, I just need one of those fancy camera bags (currently I use an Amazon basic bagpack) and I’ll be set.