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Counting down

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

I’m watching the clock tonight. One hour to go until Holidailies (yay, I remember I have this site) and one hour until my eight year nephrectomy anniversary.

First, I never got back here to update after my biopsy. I’ll write up that full story so, but in the best news of 2016, I found out I have sarcoidosis and not stage four renal cell cancer. I was supposed to see the pulmonary doctor tomorrow, but had to change it until February.

Good news, but seemingly wrapped in bad. I can survive sarcoidosis. Hell, it might go away on its own. Stage four RCC does not.

So, I spent the summer thinking I was dying. To the point that I set this blog up with information on the about page (now gone) about stage four RCC.  I rewrote my funeral plans and my will.

Tonight, I sit here thinking about all of this, about the past eight years and where I came from. A 33-year-old woman who was diagnosed with cancer that was an “old man’s disease, it can’t be this” to a 41-year-old chronically ill disabled woman.

It changed my life made it so I can do even less, physically, but I’ll take it. Eight years of survival, so far, eight more years with Tony, eight more years of being an Aunt. In these past eight years I’ve found so much life and love and friendship.

Eight years since they cut out rightie.

Damn, even with the dumpster fire that is about to take the office of President, I am sure glad to still be here.