My insurance company is frustrating the hell out of me. I’m on a number of medications, see, cancer survivor, diabetic, with chronic pain and lymphedema. So, meds. While, I am grateful that I have insurance, I am also fed up as hell. Everything was lined up, one day a month an hour’s drive, each way, […]


Tonight was the annual Winter Concert and Christmas Tree auction. The local PTA auctions off small trees that the various grades sponsor and put items into. Last year I won several, the year before two, I spent entirely too much money on them in the past, but it’s such a good fundraiser for the school […]


The tree is up. It has no lights or ornaments, but it is standing in the living room fully fluffed. I bought a new one this year because the old one was bent and crooked. That son of a bitch took out a bunch of my ornaments last year. Of course it wasn’t the cheap […]

Day Four

Try number three. Two entries have disappeared tonight as they aren’t what I want to say. So, number three went straight to the diet thing. Hmm, let’s try something. The top of the page will focus on other stuff. I’ll delineate when I get to the weight loss stuff. Deal? Today was good. It was […]

Day three

It has been a long day. No, a long weekend. The first weekend of December is all the Christmas stuff that Colonial Beach can throw at you. Parades and Santa and lights and Ho fucking ho. I’m tired. I love it all, don’t get me wrong. There is something about small-town festivals that I adore. […]