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Well Hello End of 2018

Monday, November 12th, 2018

Wow, I have neglected this site so much this year. Sorry folks, when you are writing for multiple entities for a living you don’t often have the time, or words, for personal stuff.

I’d like that to change. I write on Facebook quite often, today was one of those days where I poured my heart out all over it over my depression issues. It’s a fact of life, I suffer from depression.

I have been medicated in the past for it, I will very likely need medication again. Right now there is no depression medication in my life. That could change tomorrow. We’ll see then. For today, the little bitch I call “darkness” has been sent to the corner for the night.

I am blessed with so many friends who have my back from my oldest friends to my newest I have so many people that are truly friends. They have my back, they boost my spirits, they light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

The worst part of all this is I just had such a great vacation away from here with my KoLumbus friends, but now the little bitch is having a staring contest with me. I won’t let her win, but man, she is a damn persistent little thing.

Last night I dove into the shower and sat there with the water running over me for a long time. Water has always been one of my answers when I am sad like this. Either immersing myself in it or watching it. Right now it is too cold and rainy to enjoy the river so the shower it is.

In fact, I think I am heading there now.

So, an entry before Holidailies happens. I got this.