Charles Ronald…

Here he is, the newest member of our tribe.

Yes, that is Kingdom of Loathing in the background, I’m an addict.

Now, about our Charlie. He’s a little piggy. His entire goal in life is to eat as much as humanly possible for a brand new person. At his four day doctor appointment, he was one ounce short of his birth weight.

His feet are enormous. They are as big, in proportion, as a size 14 or 15 would be on a short man. And, he does not like having his feet, nor his butt, messed with. Every diaper change is a test, as he screams through them.

Other than that, Charlie is a quiet little guy, just like his big brother, Tre. Tre is in love with his brother, having to kiss him, good morning, good night, there you are, oh, just let me love him, etc.

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