I didn’t mean to disappear again, in fact, I’ve had good intentions but, the illness that has descended upon me keeps calling me to my bed, everytime that I open Blogger up.

Right now, I want nothing more than to just crawl back under my blanket and sleep for another 8 hours or so. After, I’ve downed a half a bottle of cough syrup and three hundred Tylenol that is.


In 3 days, this site turns 6. I still haven’t gotten a graphics program downloaded, as dialup is the suck and I’ll be gone for the weekend, so the yearly redesign will be late this year. I’m thinking lighter colors and a pared down design, maybe step the design out of the mid90s. Although, I still don’t know how to do style sheets, we’ll see though.


Well, the cough syrup is kicking in and I’m barely able to sit up, so I’m out of here, more later, when I can sit up for longer.

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