I’m flying about packing, as I leave in a couple hours for Virginia Beach. I’m still sick, going anyway, as it’s not often I get out for a whole weekend. I’ll just be nursing cough syrup more than vodka.

In really wonderful news, my sister, Mary is being induced tomorrow. Today is her due date and the little one is measuring quite big (they’re estimating 9 pounds) so, it’s time for the baby to come out and meet us. Which means, driving halfway across the state, and then back again, to met the baby but, I’m so excited.

Tomorrow also marks 6 years of this journal, and I won’t be here to go back over the past 6 years but, you know what? I’ll be back Monday with baby pictures and stories of silliness and do a past 6 years thing then.

For now, I’m going to crash for a couple hours, then head to the Beach, where it’s just as cold as it is here but, they’ll be an oceanfront view.

Have a great weekend,

PS. Any questions you want answered? Just ask in the comments or email me at suzysmith AT gmail dot com and I’ll post on them next week. I promise I’ll tell about the move and everything else, then.

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