My neck has hurt since the surgery/procedure/ouch-fuck-that-hurts thing last week. Now, I expected other parts to hurt some (and they do) but, the neck and chin and jawline thing is surprising. The only thing I can figure is that however they positioned me to get the breathing tube in did something to my neck.

Actually, back to the expecting pain. The one doctor told me prior to this that I shouldn’t have much pain, so when they were putting my under, I had that last thought “At least it won’t hurt much.” Bullshit. I woke up from the anesthesia in pain, my first words “They lied to me, I fucking hurt.” Yeah, that’s what I said to the nurse.

They told Tony I was fiesty when I woke up.

Fiesty isn’t the word I would use, pissed off and in pain, is more like it. The nurse, George, immediately came over and shot me with Toradol, which didn’t do a damn thing. For some reason Toradol does not touch pain in me. A few minutes later, he came back and asked me if I was okay, I grumped at him that I still hurt, he grabbed another needle to stick in my IV and I asked what it was.

Morphine. And, a minute later, I felt much better. Oddly enough even when I’m in pain and half out of it, I think to ask what I’m being shot up with.

Tony got me home and settled in, I downed pain pills, and until tonight, I’ve done nothing else. It hurts still. A week later and I am still sore. My neck, the parts they worked on, and my left hip. I always have some hip pain but, due to the way they have to lay you, you know, spread open like a damn chicken, I’m in more pain than normal.

Which sucks, I take the pain pills, they make me woozy and doze off a bit but, don’t kill all the pain. They wear off way before they are supposed to and I sit there, grumpy at everything until I can down the next ones.

And this is after the upped the dose on Friday. Yes, Friday, I ended back up there with a fever. Everything’s okay, I’m on antibiotics and they fixed the medicine dose. When they did the exam and I pretty much cried the whole way through it, I think they realized it was nowhere near enough pain medication.

Friday was a long day too. I got there early, after no sleep, and they examined me. Then sent me for xrays and blood work, which took all friggin’ day. By the time I got home, and back into bed, I was a wreck. I did sleep Friday though.

The only other odd thing is I’m having these odd episodes where I just shake. It is like every muscle in my body siezes up and shakes for a minute, then they stop and I go on.

I’m calling my doctor in a few hours to ask about that, and the neck pain. If something’s wrong with my neck, I want it fixed before it gets like my hip, leg and back.

Whining sessions over for tonight. I’m gonna zonk for a couple hours, I hope.