I hate making titles.

Well, I’m astoundingly pleased with the fact that my last posts comments. I have seen too many journals/blogs that have mentioned abortion and the comments become a horrible place. Even the emails I have gotten (a lot of emails, that I will respond to tonight) have been great.

That just goes to show you that my readers are just smarter than the average site’s readership. Thanks again.

The greatest comment though was the one from my sister, Mary, that began: : Susan, I would never judge you and I am glad we have come to a point in our relationship (finally!!) to speak freely.”

It is great, although it is odd. I have never really been that close with my sisters, not since early childhood. For some reason, I really didn’t discuss things with them, I kept my life hidden from them, in the vast majority of ways. Now, we’re 31 (me) 29 (Mary) and 27 (Katie) and things are starting to change.

Mary and I have talk more now, although not as much as I would like, since we live a ways apart and we both have busy lives. For some reason since the birth of her son, Colson (who is adorable and I need an updated picture of to share with y’all.), we have really become closer. I feel like I can share more with her, and she seems to do the same.

It’s wonderful. I’m finally finding myself not hiding everything I did in my life from her. It’s not so much that I was ashamed of my life but, that I didn’t want my sisters’ repeating some of the things I had done.

Which, in retrospect, maybe if I had been more open they would have been less likely to do some of those things. Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?

There are other things that really added to the fact that I wasn’t as close to my sisters as I would have liked. When our parents seperated for a couple years, during my teen years, I was sort of a pseudoMom figure. Being the oldest female, I felt like I had to help Dad with my siblings and that set me up to not feel as close to them.

Then, when our parents did get back together, I distanced myself from the family as I was still very angry with Mom. The next few years, I was never home, then before you knew it, Mary was gone to school, I was moving in with my now husband, and Katie left home, as well. We scattered out and just didn’t see one another much.

We have all come back to living within a easily drivable distance of one another, and we go to Moose functions as a family. I wish we could spend even more time together but, compared to most families? We’re doing wonderfully.

Now, if I could only teach my sisters to call me Suzy, instead of Susan.

Love ya sis, thanks for being not just my sister but, my friend,