can bite my…

I ordered a game back on December 4th for my niece, along with a bunch of other things for various and assorted people. Everything on the order had been here for a couple weeks except the game. I finally email them 2 days ago, and they replied:

“This item has been canceled.”

Ok, you assholes, according to my order information ON THE SITE it will be shipped in five days. Needless to say, I am not happy. I thought I was done other than Tony’s stocking but, now we get to go find another present for my niece. I wouldn’t be as mad if they had actually contacted me instead of me having to contact them to find out that it wouldn’t be coming.

And, I’m still waiting on one thing for Tony but, if that isn’t on time I can always give him that for his birthday which on January 11th. The dread I feel for having to drive into town and deal with the crowds tomorrow is horrendously overpowering.

This is why I shop online so I don’t have to deal with crowds. Dammit. Oh, well, I’ll cheer up shortly when I have Kyrsie’s present in hand.

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