Charlie’s third birthday party

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Charlie’s third birthday party was today. He got everything his heart desired. Trucks and cars, basketball hoop, Diego toys and a toy tool set with a working toy drill, that he immediately used to put a hole in the wall. In the newly patched and painted wall that is.

Oops. Anyway, he looked friggin’ adorable, he had a great time, filled with family and friends and in just a couple days he’ll actually be three.

So, a few pictures of the day.

Happy Birthday my Chunky Monkey Charlie Boy.

I hope you had a wonderful day from the top of your frosting covered head to the bottom of your scotch tape covered feet.

Toys that make musical noise, he got a percussion set that included a drum, the keyboard and guitar you see here, and he has a marching drum coming on his actual birthday.

He had friends from the very small to his Daddy’s older friends here with him today. One of his Daddy’s good friends bought him Timberland boots so
he can be just like Daddy, Charlie was very excited
and wanted to wear them today but, since they are suede and it is muddy and wet outside we dissuaded him from that.

And, we can’t leave out big brother, Tre was sick today (to match his still sick uncle) yet he rallied and was a very good little boy for his baby brother’s party.

Tre did spend part of the party cuddle in my arms but when you feel that bad, you just need your Aunt Pooh to hold you.

Hold him I did, and rock him, without even realizing I was doing it. If you put a kid in my arms I rock, whether they’re brand new or a big boy.

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