Still on the Porch

There is a lot of traffic on this road, even at 6 AM on the weekend, the traffic isn’t as urgent though. Monday through Friday vehicles fly by here, starting at 3:45 AM, as the DC commuter folks head up the road. The traffic deluge slows around 7AM as the Dahlgren folk are through here.

This morning, I am sitting on the porch, again, watching traffic go by and the sun rise in the sky. It is still around 80 degrees, and the thermometer will begin climbing soon, so I am stealing some porch time while I can, before the oppression of the heat weighs us down to the point that it takes all we have to drag ourselves from one air conditioned place to the other. Or one air conditioned place, to the non air conditioned car, to another air conditioned place.

Yes, once again, we have no AC in our cars. Tony and I have never been able to keep a vehicle with working air conditioning for long. It is a losing battle so we roast while we drive, then enjoy the AC all the more, once we are back in it.

In fact, the living room AC is about five feet from me, hanging out the window, keeping our house cooler than the outside, and removing vast quantities of humidity from the air. I love it when it cycles off and all I can hear are the actual outside noises, the birds flying overhead, the frogs rustling across the street, the leaves as they move against one another. When we have a breeze, the flag flapping gently, and my one wind chime tinkles a beautiful tune, while the other wind chime, the prettier, more expensive wind chime, does nothing.

Oh, yes, I have a wind chime that I bought from Yankee Candle that, while very pretty, does not make a sound. We have had major rip roaring thunderstorms come through here, where stuff is flying off the porch, and not a single “tink” from this damn wind chime. When I get tired of looking at it and cussing it, I grab my cane and make the tubes hit one another.

That is obviously, not very damn satisfying, in fact it tends to tick me off more, so I holler at it. Yes, a grown ass woman hollers at a wind chime. Hell, I tell it about how the three dollar counterpart on the other side of the porch makes such beautiful music a with barely a breeze. Yet, the damn thing still sits there and taunts me.

I have a plan though, I’m going to add a piece to the damn thing and it will have no choice but to tinkle for me. Either that or I’ll take the damn thing down and put one of my pretty ass lanterns in its place. At least all the lanterns are supposed to do is hold a candle. This wind chime is supposed to hold a candle and sing, damn it!

The sun is peeking higher and higher up now, and the heat is starting to creep its way toward the upper stratosphere again. I’m contemplating whether or not I should do a decobwebbing of the porch prior to it becoming too hot to even contemplate it. I don’t know, I’m kind of enjoying sitting here, just me, my laptop, and the noises of the outside, even as the cars interrupt me.

The cobwebs will be here tomorrow, I can always do it then, I can’t always enjoy the morning on the porch though, so the spiders win for another day.

Have a good one,
Suzy Smith

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