Young and old

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100_6549Youngest in the family. Hailey, 10 months in her Daddy’s lap

100_6434Oldest, Granny celebrating her 88th Christmas.

2 Responses to “Young and old”

  1. chrissy50 (Chris Stachura) Says:

    Did I read on your Holidailies post that you’re related to Pietras? My aunt Rosemary is married to Tom Pietras, who worked for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and used to be in the seminary. Do you know this person? I don’t think the name is THAT common, is it?

    What a small world!

    Happy New Year to you…


  2. Suzy Smith Says:

    I am a Pietras. I’m from the John and Susan Pietras family in Niagara Falls, NY. There aren’t that many of us, but more than you think if you look around. Are they from NY or Michigan?