Security Theater.

Once again we,the American people are being treated like morons.President Obama* introduced a myriad of things today he hopes to enact to stop gun violence. Now, I will say that we definitely need to figure out why our young men feel the need to shoot one another, school children, and captive theater audiences.

Obviously, something is wrong and causing this to happen. I do not think it is solely due to guns being out there. In China in 2012 there have been several incidents of massive violence, upon school children, without guns being involved. Something in the US and China is causing this to happen.

Do our young men feel that disenfranchised that they feel the need to reach out and hurt people? Is there not enough mental health care for them? Hell,is it possible that violent video games and movies really are affecting our youth?**

There are some things in the President’s plan that will help in this. Better mental health care, more school research officers, research being funded again. Those are good things. So, is the plan that all gun sales (legal ones that is, but, that is another story) require a background check.

All of those are good things. All of them I completely agree with and as a liberal, who is also a gun owner, I can back them.

Reintroducing the “assault” weapon ban, which includes many things that are cosmetic, and making it so full capacity magazines are illegal is just theater. The original AWB was law when Columbine happened. It did not stop it.

Making the AWB law again will not do anything other than placate the American people. It is not going to stop the violence from acting. Think back to the Virginia Tech massacre. The criminal shot everyone with handguns. Not “assault” weapons, standard small handguns.

There is nothing in the President’s plan to stop that from happening.

Let’s face it, in the USA we have approximately 300 million firearms right now. No matter what laws we pass, those guns are out there.

It has already been stated that the new AWB would allow the guns out there to be grandfathered in. So, they will still remain legal, out there, and part of the landscape.

Again, they are trying to placate us.

What we need is to get to the bottom of why these massacres are happening. We need to help our young men (as it is young men doing this.) We need to get them the mental health care they need. We need to make sure all our young people are happy and healthy, and taken care of in this manner.

We need the families of young men to make sure they are taken care of. If they seen their child going down a bad path, get them help. As a society we need to put the money into this. Yes, money. It is going to cost money to get our young people taken care of.

We need to have better access controls on our schools. No one should be able to just walk into the school. We need security in them. We need officers into the schools, not necessarily 24/7, but as much as possible, so someone who picks up a gun will think twice about going in and shooting our children.

We need to work together on this. Liberal and conservative. Gun owners and those who hate them. We have to band together. If we don’t, we’ll be having this discussion again and again. We must figure out a way to keep our constitution intact, but stop our children from dying.

We need to not let the death of those 20 children, and seven adults in Newtown, CT be in vain. Let’s work together to stop this from happening. Let us not scream at one another and refuse to bend.

As a gun owner I want this. I also want the NRA the hell out of it. They do not speak for me, nor do they speak for the majority of gun owners in the USA.

*who I voted for twice and I like, a lot
**I don’t think this is it, but it needed to be included.

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  1. As the saying goes: guns don’t kill people – people kill people. While I agree there are certain types of guns that people outside the military just do not need – we still have the right to bear arms.

    Personally, I think the amount of violence that kids and adults are exposed to today has everything to do with the increased violence. Between movies, video games and TV shows – we are slowly being desensitized to the bloodshed and gore. Have you heard the music that is usually playing on these games? It’s the rough heavy/industrial metal. Why is that? I come across many of these games at work. You’ll never hear the likes of Maroon 5, Usher or any other popular music artist as the background to these games. That’s because these artists don’t make you want to kill – they make you want to do other things like dance :)

    I get your point though. You cannot blame the music, TV, movies or games entirely. It is the person who is responsible for the violent act. Perhaps we ARE living in the end times. The Bible does say that in the last days people will rise up against each other – even family member against family member.

    And I love your comment about us all working together to fix the problem. Taking guns away is NOT the answer. And you are right – if the Reps and Dems can’t learn to play nice – this is going to happen again and again.

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